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Pricing Considerations

solutions offers consulting, training and related services to graphic and communication professionals. We work closely with our clients to make sure that we're responsive to your needs. Our staff is available by e-mail, by phone, in person and  in some case  pager to be there when you need us. 

We can assess your needs on-site or on the phone and will respond with a complete,
customized written proposal.

We understand that your involvement in projects will result in a smoother experience for everyone. You know your needs better than we do.  Note that estimates are 
given in hours. 

Checks should be made payable to solutions. Terms are Net 10. Interest will be charged for past due accounts. Failure to pay on time may result in work being placed on hold. Disputes will be handled by arbitration. Invoices are usually provided with product dates. Larger projects will be billed every other Friday.

Additional billing information is provided in our written proposals.
solutions does not accept credit cards. If you wish to dispute a credit card 
charge from someone claiming to be solutions or esolutions, you should 
contact your credit card company and ask them to trace the merchant account.